Intrinsic, Alphabet’s (Google) new company to drive industrial robotisation

Alphabet’s (Google) new company, Intrinsic, is splitting off from its X Development division, aiming to provide radical solutions to big problems.

Industry is changing and an automated future is on the horizon, many tasks will be performed by machines. Robots are already present in many processes on production lines. However, expanding their penetration requires advance planning, time and money. Alphabet, owned by Google, wants to overcome some of these challenges with its new company: Intrinsic, which goal is to make future robots smarter, cheaper and more flexible.

Intrinsic will focus on developing software for industrial robots to unlock their creative and economic potential with a different approach. The company will no longer work with hardware, as Boston Dynamics does, and will use its expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to take industrial robots to the next level.

“Over the last few years, our team has been exploring how to give industrial robots the ability to sense, learn, and automatically make adjustments as they’re completing tasks, so they work in a wider range of settings and applications. Working in collaboration with teams across Alphabet, and with our partners in real-world manufacturing settings, we’ve been testing software that uses techniques like automated perception, deep learning, reinforcement learning, motion planning, simulation, and force control.”, Wendy Tan Whit, CEO of Intrinsic.

The new company believes that the collaboration with Google and its new partners will enable them to create solutions applicable in the real world. Its capabilities will include deep learning, motion planning, simulation and force control. An image shared by X Development’s blog [Introducing Intrinsic. Unlocking the creative and economic… | by Wendy Tan-White | Jul, 2021 | X, the moonshot factory] shows one of its programmes working with astonishing precision.