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SOPHIA - Smart collaborative robots lend a helping hand

  • 2019 December 1st - 2023 November 30th H2020 Europe ICT

SPRING - Robots to improve life in old age

  • 2020 January 1st - 2023 December 30th H2020 Europe ICT
  • The development of robotics results in great benefits for a wide range of daily needs. As a consequence, the use of technologically advanced robots today is a reality, although of limited use. Today

CloudButton - Serverless Data Analytics Platform

  • 2019 January 1st - 2022 March 1st H2020 Europe ICT
  • This project is inspired by the following sentence from a professor of computer graphics at UC Berkeley :

  • Data traffic continues to increase dramatically, pushing the need for ever more efficient, secure and reliable systems with reduced power consumption to transmit data at great distances with high temporal resolution. Apart from telecommunications, the transition to the Internet...

  • Exascale volumes of diverse healthcare data stand out in size (the 2020 production exceeded 2 000 exabytes), heterogeneity (numerous media and acquisition methods), knowledge (diagnostic reports) and commercial value. The supervised nature of deep learning models requires large...

ExtremeEarth - From Copernicus Big Data to Extreme Earth Analytics

  • 2019 January 1st - 2022 March 1st H2020 Europe ICT
  • Copernicus is the European program for monitoring the Earth. The geospatial data produced by the Sentinel satellites puts Copernicus at the forefront of the Big Data paradigm, giving rise to all the relevant challenges: volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value. ExtremeEarth...

INFORE - Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting

  • 2019 January 1st - 2022 March 1st H2020 Europe ICT
  • At an increasing rate, industrial and scientific institutions need to deal with massive data flows streaming in from a multitude of sources. For instance, maritime surveillance applications combine high-velocity data streams, including vessel position signals emitted from...

SmartDataLake - Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics

  • 2019 January 1st - 2021 December 30th H2020 Europe ICT
  • Data lakes are raw data ecosystems, where large amounts of diverse data are retained and coexist. They facilitate self-service analytics for flexible, fast, ad hoc decision making. SmartDataLake enables extreme-scale analytics over sustainable big data lakes. It provides an...

  • Current practice is such that a production system is designed and optimized to execute the exact same process over and over again. The planning and control of production systems has become increasingly complex regarding flexibility and productivity, as well as the decreasing...

" COMPOSITION - Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes

  • 2016 September 2nd - 2019 August 1st H2020 Europe FOF
  • Data and services have become the key factor in manufacturing processes. The need to react on dynamically changing market demands is dramatically rising. One of the most imperative problems so far is to connect supply chain data and services between enterprises and to connect...

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